When we began to develop plans for QLIC, we knew that we wanted the building to be as energy efficient as possible. The cornerstone of that vision is the building’s CoGeneration system. Our CoGen “co-generates” efficient, clean energy, in tandem with the traditional energy supplier reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Basically, it hums along doing its workmanlike job, and you never have to give it a moment’s thought…Until there is a blackout. Then, this CoGen becomes your best friend because it also serves as back-up energy source. So even in a blackout, your hot shower will still be hot, and with all the amenities spaces “powered-up” you can still work-out, charge you phone in any of the lounges or just hang out.

At QLIC, we’re putting our energy in the right place.

Additional Green Features

  • Green roofs – Landscaped outdoor spaces that incorporate native, drought-tolerant plants and feature design elements with post-consumer products
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • LED lighting
  • Dedicated bike-storage space
  • Dedicated recycling rooms
  • Light-saving sensors in corridors and stairs
  • High-efficiency condensing boilers
  • Regenerative brakes in elevators
  • Most building materials sourced within a 500-mile radius of LIC